Consultations on project preparation

“ProActive Team” Ltd provides consultations on development and management of European Union funded projects and works successfully with state and municipal authorities, companies, NGOs and other organisations. We have a wide network of partners and experts who can provide you with their expert advice in the development and management of projects under EU programmes in the field of environment, regional development, competitiveness, rural development, capacity building, human resources and other.

What we can be helpful with:

The Experts from “ProActive Team” Ltd can provide their expertise and know-how through consultations on a number of issues:

  • Development and management of project under European Union programmes
  • Development of Strategies, Policies and Analyses
  • Effective and efficient planning and management of financial and human resources
  • Project budgeting
  • Finding the right partner for you project
  • Establishment of strategic partnerships

ProActive Team is a member of BAKEP

ProActive Team is a full member of the Bulgarian Association of European Program Consultants (BAKEP). This means that we work for the full and effective absorption of EU funds and the achievement of sustainable development.