Team building

Team building events could be a fun and interesting way to get to know the people you interact with on a daily basis and build mutual trust and understanding. Whether it is colleagues who have worked side by side for many years or newcomers to the company, team building is important for every organization aiming to achieve not just better effectiveness but also to establish a supporting work environment where people feel appreciated and committed to the success they achieve.

We offer a rather unconventional way in helping you build your team – in an informal and friendly atmosphere, where we can explore and improve communication links between team members, provoke their problem solving and conflict resolution skills, encourage them to assume responsibility and share innovative ideas. But most of all to have fun, as noting brings together people better than informal communication outside the office.

Organizing the event and games is our job yours is to enjoy bringing your team together, while having fun!

ProActive Team is a member of BAKEP

ProActive Team is a full member of the Bulgarian Association of European Program Consultants (BAKEP). This means that we work for the full and effective absorption of EU funds and the achievement of sustainable development.